Drug Awareness and Prevention Inc.


S-1 Be Cool, No Drugs is the Rule 
S-2 Discontinued
S-3 Hey Drug Dealer, you're fired!

S-4 Ohio's kids, teach them to be Drug-Free
S-5 Discontinued
S-6 Turn in your Pusher

S-7 Drug Safe Home

Eddie Edwards Stickers

We would love to send you an official Eddie Edwards sticker or button! 

Stickers or buttons can be purchased for 25 ¢ each.

You are supporting our efforts to promote the drug-free life style by purchasing and proudly displaying Eddie Edwards, our anti-drug guy!

To purchase a sticker*, email us at: Info@DrugAwarenessAndPrevention.org

*We will need your mailing address, and the sticker or button item number you wish to receive.  Payment can be made by check or PayPal

Ask your community group, church, or school system's leadership to support the anti-drug movement for your group.