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Community Spotlight on Addiction

Great, 7 minute video that explains the process of addiction.

Drugs in the Comics


Special thanks to Crankshaft creators Tom Batiuk & Chuck Ayers for allowing us to reprint their copyrighted material.


"Cleveland Community  Villaview Schools Red Ribbon Week 2013

                   Cleveland Community School's events included a Door messaging contest, lessons from NIDA's Brain Power, and a Walgreens' pharmacist visit to Miss Elana Clavner's 4th grade class

             Walgreens visit 2013

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2009 Surveys

April-May 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: We have to do a better job of convincing Americans that illegal drugs are a terrible choice. Do you think most Americans believe illegal drugs are a terrible choice?
         Yes: 67 No: 53

June-July 2009

Do you believe that a heroin overdose is suicide or manslaughter?
  Suicide: 31 Manslaughter: 26

August - September 2009

Do you support health insurance for drug addicted people who have been treated in rehab facilities more than twice?
         Yes: 19 No: 28

October-November 2009

Do you believe prevention education in our schools would reduce drug addiction?
          Yes: 43 No: 8




Past Surveys

America votes!

June - July 2010

Do you believe that over half of all street drugs enter the U.S.A. from Mexico?
           Yes: 68 No: 51

August - September 2010

Do you believe that a recovering addict can stay sober with less than six months of treatment?
            Yes: 49 No: 42

October - December 2010

Do you believe that drug dealers should be held responsible when their customers overdose?
          Yes: 194 No: 135

January - February 2011

Do you believe Substance Abuse Education is more important in high school than drivers education?
            Yes: 91 No: 34

March - April 2011

Should U.S. troops be protecting our southern border to interrupt the flow of illegal drugs?
            Yes: 118 No: 9

June - July 2011

Do you believe that U.S. citizens receiving public assistance, such as food stamps, should be required to pass random drug tests?
           Yes: 63 No: 17

August - September 2011

 Do you believe that celebrity musicians, actors, and pro athletes influence teen drug use?
           Yes: 131 No: 15

October - November 2011

 Do you believe drug trafficking cases should be prosecuted in federal court, instead of state/county court?
           Yes: 191 No: 50

March - April 2012

Do you believe that over half of all street drugs enter the U.S.A. from Mexico?                           Yes: 192   No:   111

May - June 2012

Do you believe that drug dealers should be held responsible when their       customers overdose?          Yes: 101  No: 62

July - August 2012

Have you ever been drug-tested for illegal drugs?       Yes: 58  No:  66

September - October 2012

Do you believe that drug dealers should be held responsible when their customers overdose?          Yes: 155  No: 52

November - December 2012

Do you believe that second-hand marijuana smoke is as dangerous as second-hand tobacco smoke?

Yes:  65     No:  35

January - March 2013

Do you believe that random drug testing of employees is a good idea?

Yes:  100  No:  30

August September 2013

Do you support the decision to legalize recreational marijuana use in Colorado?

Yes:  28  No:  54

March June 2016

Do you believe that public employees (mayors, clerks, teachers, court workers, etc.) should be subject to drug testing?

Yes:  173  No:  35