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NIDA Prevention  Education Materials

Brain Power!

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has created the Brain Power series, a FREE substance abuse curriculum to be used by teachers for students in grades K-12.

There is a binder/lesson unit for:

          Grades K-1          (See Topics at each grade level)

          Grades 2-3

          Grades 4-5

          Grades 6-9

          Grades 9-12 (NIH "the Brain")

These science-based prevention materials are classroom ready, explain how addiction affects the brain, and align to national Science curriculum standards. This interactive series includes DVDs, experiments, and review cards.
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Brain Power Binders K-12

"Heads Up"  Magazine Units

Produced in cooperation with Scholastic Inc.
These magazine units include teaching materials on preventing substance abuse. The lessons include articles, puzzles, posters, and review questions.
Downloadable Pdf copy or available in print at:

    Heads Up Year 1     Heads Up Year 3     Heads Up Year 5

Mind over Matter

Learn about illicit street drugs from Sara Bellum.
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  Anabolic Steroids   Cocaine  Anabolic Steroids      Cocaine

  Hallucinogens   InhalantsHallucinogens            Inhalants

  Marijuana   MethMarijuana                    Meth

  Nicotine   OpiatesNicotine                      Opiates

  Rx Drugs           

Rx Drugs